ROI4Presenter Launches Pitch Avatar

ROI4Presenter has launched Pitch Avatar, an artificial intelligence-driven assistant for generating scripts, instant voice-overs in any language, and avatars that will guide presentations. It can also respond to voice commands and address listeners' questions.

Pitch Avatar uses artificial intelligence and voice synthesis technologies, which work together to create life-like virtual characters capable of delivering engaging and interactive video presentations. Users can choose from pre-designed characters or create and customize their own avatars using personal photos. They can also choose from a variety of voices and fine-tune the behavior of the virtual presenter to match desired style and tone.

Pitch Avatar can generate scripts and voice-overs in different languages; users just choose the language for the avatar and create multilingual presentations for the international market.

"Every day, tens of millions of presentations are created worldwide. However, many of them fail to captivate their audience or convey the intended message. Silent static slides are no longer sufficient in our dynamic era. With Pitch Avatar, we empower presenters to create dynamic, attention-grabbing presentations that truly resonate with their audience," said Pavlo Zhdanovych, visionary and founder of ROI4Presenter, in a statement. "The new features of Pitch Avatar breathe life into your slides, transforming various types of content into professional, personalized presentations that precisely reflect your vision. Furthermore, the ROI4Presenter platform allows you to effortlessly join the session online, interact with your audience, and seamlessly track the effectiveness of each session using advanced analytics reports."

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