Collections Bureau of America Adopts Skit.ai's Voice AI Solution

Skit.ai, a provider of conversational voice artificial intelligence solutions, is partnering with Collection Bureau of America, a California-based debt collection agency, to deploy Skit.ai's solution to boost its account penetration, improve customer experience, and execute a scalable collection strategy.

Skit.ai's Augmented Voice Intelligence platform, strategically integrated to automate collection calls, is the latest addition to the agency's tech stack. Skit.ai's conversational Voice AI solution initiates outbound calls to thousands of accounts within minutes; it then verifies right-party contact and negotiates payments from consumers. It can handle disputes and, when needed, transfers the calls to live agents, providing them with the relevant context.

"Since adopting Skit.ai's solution, we've experienced a 27 percent increase in call volume. We've received remarkably positive feedback from our agents, who are able to quickly resolve the consumers' queries thanks to the context and insights provided by the platform; additionally, the consumers are satisfied with this self-service, secure solution to resolve their debt," said Shawn DeLuna, president and CEO of Collection Bureau of America, in a statement. "We're often exploring new technological solutions to bolster our collection strategy, and Skit.ai perfectly suits our needs, as it enables us to maximize our account outreach and ultimately increase the scale of our business."

"Our innovative solution has led to a remarkable upswing in call volume and enhanced account penetration for Collection Bureau of America. In alignment with the agency's unwavering dedication to elevating the customer experience, we have steadfastly delivered seamless, intelligent interactions with consumers on a grand scale," said Sourabh Gupta, founder and CEO of Skit.ai, in a statement.

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