Augmedix Partners with Myndshft, Ellipsis Health, and the Sullivan Group

Augmedix, a medical documentation and data solutions provider, is partnering with Myndshft, Ellipsis Health, and The Sullivan Group to forge an open network of digital health solutions that will integrate into Augmedix';s technology through application programming interfaces (APIs), structured data feeds, and Augmedix's bi-directional communication channel into the point of care.

"Partnering with these healthcare innovators represents our commitment to drive transformation through open collaborations and integrations," said Ian Shakil, founder, director, and chief strategy oOfficer of Augmedix, in a statement. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts absolutely rings true here. By bringing Augmedix's platform and our partners' technologies together, we expect to magnify their impact, further driving our joint missions to tackle the full spectrum of administrative burdens that clinicians face while improving clinician and patient experiences."

Myndshft, a provider of automated prior authorization software, and Augmedix will work together to streamline automated, end-to-end documentation. Through this partnership, once Augmedix transfers the medical note to the electronic health record (EHR), Myndshft dynamically references clinicians’ medical documentation, patients' health and benefits information, and payers’ plans and policies to automate prior authorization submissions. This process allows information, such as authorizations, denials, appeals, documentation requests, and status monitoring, to be populated back into the EHR.

Ellipsis Health, a provider of AI-generated vocal biomarker technology, intends to work with Augmedix to automate medical documentation, mental health screenings, social determinants of health screenings, and topic analysis to help to identify issues earlier and triage patients to the appropriate care. Augmedix plans to integrate the Ellipsis Health API into its platform so that alongside ambient medical documentation, clinicians will receive patients' anxiety and depression severity scores during clinical visits.

Together, Augmedix and The Sullivan Group plan to offer solutions that integrate medical documentation with a reduction in clinicians' exposure to diagnosis-related errors through the clinical decision support system, especially among emergency departments and ambulatory clinics.

The Augmedix platform harnesses automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, including large language models, and structured data sets. It digitizes the natural conversation between a clinician and patient, extracts the necessary medical information, and then converts the information into comprehensive medical notes and structured data in real time. The medical notes are then transferred into the EHR.

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