ConverseNow Acquires Valyant AI

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ConverseNow, providers of a voice artificial intelligence platform, has acquired Valyant AI, a restaurant drive-thru automation technology provider. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Valyant AI deploys true voice AI to drive-thru restaurant chains such as CKE and Checkers'. Holly, its AI voice assistant, integrates directly via proprietary hardware into drive-thru communications systems such as PAR, HME, and PoS systems, including Brink, Xenial, NCR, Aloha, and Oracle Microsystems.

ConverseNow's AI-powered virtual ordering assistants replicate natural human dialogue to gauge customer sentiment and guide conversations. It can detect nuances, predict ordering behaviors, and upsell items based on contextual data and information available in real time. Its cloud-based, multilingual solution personalized restaurant orders in high-volume voice channels, such as phone, drive-thru, self-service kiosks, and voice-assisted chat on mobile devices.

In addition to accelerating ConverseNow's drive-thru footprint, the acquisition brings new technological capabilities, including an AI Employee Assist product. This voice-led generative AI training application enables restaurant staff to ask on-the-job questions to a voice assistant and receive instant, hands-free responses. The solution will be available on tables and integrated into drive-thru communication systems, with plans for rollout by the end of the quarter.

"Our vision is to democratize AI for brands of all sizes, making it accessible across all ordering channels," said Vinay Shukla, co-founder and CEO of ConverseNow, in a statement. "This acquisition brings us closer to that goal. We are thrilled to welcome Valyant AI, whose drive-thru expertise complements our voice AI capabilities in the QSR industry. Together, we offer robust, scalable solutions at competitive rates."

"Valyant's patented technology and proprietary hardware, combined with seamless PoS integration, perfectly complement ConverseNow's modern AI stack. We look forward to becoming stronger together to better serve the market," added Rahul Aggarwal, co-founder, chief operating officer, and chief product officer of ConverseNow, in a statement.

"Valyant's mission has always been to support restaurant operations, ease employee workload, and enhance customer experience," said Rob Carpenter, founder of Valyant AI, in a statement. "Vinay and Rahul have created a valuable company, and I'm confident Holly will elevate ConverseNow's platform. I look forward to seeing the achievements of our combined efforts."

"Joining ConverseNow takes Valyant AI to an exciting new level," said Michael Silverman, CEO of Valyant AI. "Our shared values and complementary technologies create a powerful synergy. Our ready-to-deploy infrastructure and ConverseNow conversational and emotional intelligence give us an unrivaled ability to deliver true, accurate, and ethical AI solutions to our customers. Together, we offer unmatched AI solutions, bringing true potential and efficiencies to the restaurant industry."

For now, the two companies will continue to service customers under their respective brands.

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