Clarity Partners With UK-Based N-Teq

TROY, MI - Clarity LLC announced that it has engaged N-Teq Ltd., a UK-based sales and marketing organization, to extend and further support Clarity's selling and marketing efforts throughout Europe. N-Teq specializes in enabling software technologies and semi-conductor sales and is uniquely positioned in the UK with customers throughout Europe scrambling to deliver hands-free solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements and customer expectations. Clarity's CVC Clear Voice Capture technology targets the growing number of consumers using today's small, portable communications devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones and mobile hands-free systems including Bluetooth. Users of such devices often find themselves in noisy environments where the performance of the voice interface may be affected. CVC locks in on the speaker's voice, freeing it from interfering background audio clutter including road noise, music, machinery and other nearby voices, optimizing the user's ability to communicate with the device while preserving critical bandwidth. "N-Teq has been marketing solutions in the voice space for more than three years and Clarity has all the ingredients to succeed in Europe," said Mark Beckwith, president of N-Teq. "Clarity has a tenacious management team and experienced engineers deploying hands-free solutions. It has a strong financial position, excellent technology, a rich pipeline of commercial deals in the works and an enthusiastic customer base," Beckwith added. "Clarity is recognized around the world as a leading software supplier to the communications market and N-Teq will leverage that reputation in Europe to accelerate revenue generating opportunities for Clarity." Additionally, Clarity is adding sales representation in southern California with the addition of Main Street Technology based in San Diego. Main Street Technology specializes in technical sales of early stage technologies. "Main Street Technology is well-equipped with domain experience and know-how and has the ability to communicate the technical details of CVC, satisfy customer inquiries, document opportunities and close revenue generating business for Clarity," said James Cudworth, president of Main Street Technology. .Clarity executive vice president , sales and marketing, Fred Nussbaum added, "Clarity's objective is to become the world leader of software products that improve the quality of hands-free communication and the efficiency of voice-activated human-machine interfaces. Clarity expects to lead globally and the most effective way to achieve that today is to partner with others who have specific industry expertise and access to markets that Clarity can leverage. N-Teq and Main Street are positioned logistically and with domain experience, to support Clarity's current customer base and extend its market reach immediately, in both Europe and California respectively."
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