Comverse Introduces New Instant Communications Solution; Comverse Unveils ImPact

WOODBURY, NY - Comverse, a unit of Comverse Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT), and a supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communications services, unveiled its Instant Communications Solution (ICS). In addition to enabling mobile instant messaging, Comverse's ICS harnesses presence-related subscriber information to introduce a new range of smart instant voice messaging and group messaging services that have the potential to provide a significant return for operators through increases in user data transfer, airtime and premium charges. "Comverse has long recognized that the power and profit potential of instant communications extends way beyond traditional text messaging," stated Zeev Bregman, Chief Executive Officer of Comverse. "Our Instant Communications Solution takes messaging and calling to a new dimension, both enriching and simplifying the subscribers' quality of experience. For example a cell phone user has the ability to see who is available for a conference and can instantly connect with them, with voice and/or text, by pressing one key. Enabling new modes of highly productive communication, and converting them into services that deliver maximum return for the operator, is at the core of our ICS." The Comverse Instant Communications Solution is an end-to-end application that allows subscribers to initiate a variety of instant voice and text-based services, either one-to-one or one-to-group, with full knowledge of the presence status of the intended audience. Through a presence-enabled contact list, ICS gives mobile users the ability to interact in the mode that is most intuitive to them, with a consistent interface across a wide variety of devices and platforms (including SMS, MMS, WAP, Windows, Windows CE, Web, J2ME, BREW, Palm, Blackberry, iMode and Symbian). The Comverse Instant Communications Solution integrates a suite of instant voice services that are based on the open IP-based modular architecture. ICS includes instant conferencing, instant voice messaging, instant anonymous calling and instant voice chat. Comverse's Instant Communications Solution can also be integrated with other network services, such as multimedia messaging, unified messaging, and entertainment solutions, and has an open API for the integration of new applications by third party developers who join the Comverse Spark Alliance. "When looking at instant communications, particularly in the mobile environment, voice capabilities become as relevant as text," stated Gidi Be'ery, Comverse's Vice President of Strategic Operations. "Our expertise in multimodal communications makes us uniquely positioned to develop and provide the breadth of services that deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly Instant Communications Solution."
Comverse Unveils ImPact
WOODBURY, NY - Comverse, a unit of Comverse Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT), and a supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communications services, announced the launch of its new ImPact solution, a comprehensive value-added services (VAS) solution designed to address operators' needs for increased average revenue per user (ARPU). ImPact helps operators expand and extend their revenue-generating services and increase average revenue per user by providing a carefully crafted suite of entertaining and useful voice and data services. ImPact seeks to stimulate revenue generation from every call opportunity while leveraging existing operator equipment, allowing operators to experience a rapid and healthy return on investment (ROI). ImPact's array of services includes enhanced messaging and notification capabilities, music-based entertainment applications, and a voice-controlled user interface to make service usage intuitive, inviting and hands-free. ImPact notification enhancements capture and report every incoming call, even when the phone is turned off, out of range, or a caller hangs up without leaving a message. All users can receive notification regarding their missed or lost calls, encouraging more returned calls on the operator's network. ImPact further enhances notifications by converting these missed call reports into a new SMS communications vehicle. Operators can use the available space at the end of the missed call notification to provide a variety of content to their subscribers. "Comverse ImPact generates new revenue opportunities for wireless operators by creating a dynamic environment in which one service enhances the uptake of others. This complete integrated approach gives ImPact its real value, enabling it to stand out above piecemeal VAS solutions," said Benny Einhorn, Chief Marketing Officer for Comverse. "The combination of voice and data services frees mobile users to interact with the service in the way that best suits the moment, paving the path to Comverse's vision of a full multimodal user experience."
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