Right Seat Software Intorduces Vox Proxy/CD Prep

GOLDEN, CO - Right Seat Software Inc., introduced Vox Proxy/CD Prep, a new version of its Vox Proxy, 3D talking animated character software. It integrates as an add-in to Microsoft's PowerPoint. Vox Proxy is the authoring software for Windows platforms. For training, sales, medical, education or information professionals who want to deliver content directly to a user's desktop, Vox Proxy with CD Prep gives them the tools to create CDs fully narrated by the family of 3D characters included in the software. The viewer of the CD can select from a menu of presentations, demos, or tutorials included by the author. Vox Proxy characters perform numerous animations, speak in multiple languages using either TTS engines or actual recorded voices, respond to voice commands, and carry on interactive conversations. "If you need to deliver your presentation remotely, other than an expensive video production, there's no better way to do it with your own personal style than by narrating it with Vox Proxy characters" says Tom Atkins, President of Right Seat Software Inc., producer of Vox Proxy. "It's the next best thing to your being there."
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