Angel.com Launches Transaction Voice Pages

MCLEAN, VA - Angel.com, the provider of custom speech solutions (Voice Sites) for small and medium-sized businesses, announced that it has launched a set of extensions to its patented online self-service platform. The new features enable instant integration of Voice Sites developed and hosted on the Angel network with Web and database applications located on customer premises via a secure Internet connection. Angel.com is an end-to-end online service designed to build, deploy and maintain custom speech recognition applications via a standard Web browser. Using a point-and-click Web interface, customers can intuitively assemble their own speech applications from a set of pre-built modules (Voice Pages) for call transfer, voicemail, caller response collection and now dynamic, real-time data transfer to and from remote Web servers. The enhancement is targeted towards Web developers interested in broadening the reach and accessibility of existing Web solutions and speech designers looking for a low-cost deployment option for voice or IVR applications in a hosted environment. Using open standards such as "H TTP" and "XML", Transaction Voice Pages allow developers to define personalized and dynamic call flows based on real-time caller input, or remotely stored application data such as product descriptions, customer records or status details. By keeping the business logic on local Web servers, developers maintain full control of the underlying application and can use any standard scripting language to integrate with Angel's XML-based transaction API. "Angel.com is by far the easiest and cheapest way for businesses to deploy speech and IVR systems in a robust and scalable, yet cost-effective way", says Michael Zirngibl, President of Angel.com. "The addition of transaction page functionality is a direct response to requests from our customers who wanted to provide phone-based access to their existing Web Sites, databases and e-business applications. Our unique and integrated self-service approach cuts the development time of basic voice-activated IVR applications to less than a day." The following are sample applications built with the Angel platform:
-Voice Commerce ordering systems
-Package and status trackers
-Store / branch locators
-Automated Customer Service applications
-Interactive Phone Surveys
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