PIKA Technologies Launches LinuxOnDemand Program for Developers of Voice and Fax Solutions

OTTAWA, Canada - PIKA Technologies released a program that will make available versions of their SDK (API and drivers) that run on an expanded number of Linux distributions/kernels (distros). The company's media processing building blocks power IVR, call center, custom PC/IP PBX, fax and logging solutions.

PIKA Technologies' LinuxOnDemand Program delivers additional Linux distros to developers under three options: Generally Available SDK, Unreleased SDK, and Custom SDK.

Generally Available SDK
Support for two to three distros, determined through discussions with its global network of developers, will be made available in each PIKA MonteCarlo SDK release. These distros will be tested, and developers will receive support at no additional cost.

Unreleased SDK
A variety of additional distros that are not included in the currently released version of the SDK will also be made available to developers. These distros will be built and regression tested, but will not undergo the product verification testing that the released distros are subjected to. Development API support will be provided; however, support will not include issues related to the particular distro version.

Custom SDK
Upon request, product verification testing and support for a particular unreleased distro can be provided by PIKA Technologies. The fee to support a custom distro will be determined based on the specifications delivered to PIKA Technologies by the developer.

PIKA Technologies will make the new LinuxOnDemand Program available to developers in June 2005, in conjunction with the next release of the company's software developer kit (PIKA MonteCarlo SDK, Release 6.3). Details of this program are online at www.pikatechnologies.com/products/LinuxOnDemand

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