TuVox and Softel Partner to Provide VXML and SALT Enabled Packaged Speech Applications

LOS ALTOS, Calif. - TuVox and SOFTEL announced that the two companies have engaged in a partnership to develop and deliver packaged conversational speech applications. Softel will use TuVox CVR to develop and deploy conversational speech applications that support both the VXML and SALT standards. The first of these packaged applications for technical support will be available April 30. Compared with "IVR plus ASR" solutions, TuVox CVR increases the value of speech automation by enabling higher call completion rates and simplifying speech application development and maintenance. The CVR platform consists of tools, runtime, reporting and live agent integration components that enhance all aspects of the speech application lifecycle - from development and testing to deployment and tuning. SOFTEL will develop, deliver and support a range of packaged conversational speech applications beginning with Softel's voice activated PIN reset application, which includes the ability to authenticate users against identity data stores and then reset corresponding passwords with a simple phone call. The application includes: 1) Web-based setup and configuration through XML, 2) integrated Web Services for seamless integration with ODBC compliant identity data stores, and 3) dynamic grammars that enable the use of personal questions to authenticate a user before performing a reset.
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