SPIRIT Releases New Version of its G.723.1

SPIRIT, the DSP software developer for TI platform in continental Europe, has released a new version of its G.723.1 vocoder algorithm for TI's TMS320C62x platform. G.723.1 is a dual rate speech coder standard from International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication standardization sector (ITU-T), for VoIP. The optimized algorithm achieves resource economy as low as 7.3 MCPS on C62x chip - at the same time offering speech compression. G.723.1 is a middle-bitrate vocoder that can perform full duplex compression and decompression functions for multimedia, visual telephony, wireless telephony, and videoconferencing products. "We are proud to say that with this latest upgrade, our G.723.1 became a definite worldwide leader in resource economy competition", stated SPIRIT's CEO, Andrew Sviridenko. "We believe that its low resource requirements, combined with high speech compression ratio and good quality, will make SPIRIT's G.723.1 an ideal solution for any parties working with C62x platform". The code is fully compliant with the ITU G.723.1 recommendation and conforms to TI's eXpressDSP standard, which ensures high compatibility with other XDAIS-compatible DSP algorithms and portability to a multitude of DSP and RISC-based platforms. In the near future, SPIRIT plans to port more of its most demanded DSP algorithms - G.729AB, G.168, etc. - to TI C62x platform.
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