Voice Web Solutions Introduces VoiceXML Studio 1.0

Voice Web Solutions announced VoiceXML Studio 1.0, a product that enables developers to both visually design and code voice-enabled solutions using the VoiceXML language.

VoiceXML Studio is a Voice Web authoring tool that combines a flow designer for novice users and built-in code editing for advanced developers in one product. VoiceXML Studio is designed to accelerate growth into the VoiceXML space for vendors that use proprietary VoiceXML interpreters or platforms. VoiceXML Studio delivers new features that make building and deploying VoiceXML applications more efficient. Voice Web Solutions introduces an approach to displaying VoiceXML that allows designers of voice user interfaces to zoom in and out of specific areas of the call flow as well as print it out for handing off a hard copy to the voice talent. Moreover, the product supports round-trip VoiceXML, thus enabling users to open, edit and validate any VoiceXML document against proprietary voice browsers. In addition, there is support for server-side technologies such as ASP, JSP, PHP, CFML and Perl for producing dynamically generated content, thereby making VoiceXML Studio ideally suited to data-driven voice services.

"VoiceXML Studio fills the gap within the Voice Web Community," said Brian Ty Graham, chief technology architect for Voice Web Solutions. "VoiceXML Studio empowers developers to visually create VoiceXML - regardless of the underlying application server architecture."

The product features a configurable workspace that provides complete control over source code and call flow design for rapid prototyping and deployment of voice services. VoiceXML Studio ships standard with drag-and-drop dialogs, tag editors, source code coloring, XML tree view and code validation. The workspace includes views that can be docked, collapsed or expanded to full screen, customizable toolbars and integrated file browsing. Developers can visually build human-computer dialogs while generating native source code or can switch to and from the Source View and Design View. Testing the application through the Debug View ensures the developer's code is properly validated against a browser specific DTD. VoiceXML vendors that sell interpreters can license a branded version to extend the product to support ASR and TTS for live desktop call simulation.

"The tremendous extensibility means companies can customize VoiceXML Studio and have their customers deliver powerful VoiceXML applications with less effort and on their platforms," said Jeremy McKenzie, vice president of marketing for Voice Web Solutions. "In this competitive world, the time developers save goes right to the bottom line."

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