NetByTel-Vicinity Team on Business Locator

BOCA RATON, FL and SUNNYVALE, CA - The Vicinity Speech Locator uses proprietary geo-coding and voice recognition that can pinpoint a site using the physical address spoken by the caller. The Vicinity Speech Locator listens, understands and responds accurately and immediately with the closest location of the retailer or company the caller is looking for, rather than the approach of using a ZIP code or telephone prefix which may provide a location which is not actually closest to the consumer. The Vicinity Speech Locator can also speak to the caller and provide other information, such as store hours and driving directions. The Vicinity Speech Locator is a fully hosted solution that is deployed for its enterprise clients with no capital expenditure expenses and nominal set-up costs. Vicinity and NetByTel, a provider of voice-enabled, phone self-service solutions, partner with Speechworks (Nasdaq: SPWX) for the underlying voice recognition engine. "Vicinity is the industry leader in location services and we're delighted to be a partner with them," said NetByTel CEO/President Leon Garza. "When it comes to locators, touch-tone systems are unfriendly and highly inaccurate. Most people hate them and just hit zero and it's impossible to use the phone keypad to enter your address. You need voice recognition to bring the location database from the Web to the phone." "We're proud to have the Vicinity Speech Locator in use by top global retail and service companies to boost customer retention and increase sales," said Chuck Berger, President and CEO of Vicinity. "Customers and prospects of our business clients appreciate the accuracy of our location based information and the convenience telephone access provides. Lower costs and increased revenues provide significant value to our clients."
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