VoiceObjects Factory 1.0; VoiceObjects and IBM Partner

GERMANY - The dynamic generation of speech dialogues from objects - so called VoiceObjects - is the core element and concept of VoiceObjects Factory for which a patent application has been submitted. VoiceObjects contain all the meta information of an interactive speech dialogue: Abstract and independent of specifications of their underlying components. The concept of encapsulating complex voice technology enables technology and application to be separated. The designer and developer of a voice application concentrates fully on optimal functionality, which is assembled from VoiceObjects following the Lego principle. Voice applications generated with a rapid prototyping approach can be extended step-by-step into dialogue systems of any complexity. VoiceObjects Factory consists of the two components VoiceObjects Server for the presentation of the dialog and VoiceObjects Desktop for its design and development. In the VoiceObjects Server, a speech dialog from VoiceObjects is dynamically generated into VoiceXML or some other mark-up language or standards. VoiceObjects are combined with a layer technology that allows in addition dynamic and individual appearances of the same voice application: The caller will receive personalized navigation to match his/her level of experience or in the desired language. These variations are embedded in VoiceObjects and are stored in a relational database system. There, they can be maintained centrally together with such functions as errors handling or help without requiring any further adjustment. The entirely Java-based VoiceObjects Server is platform neutral and ensures investment protection through its propensity for uncomplicated inclusion in any infrastructure. Moreover, through the use of open standards, flexible voice platform drivers enable a tie-in or extension for the suppliers of speech recognition and speech synthesis systems. Through content connectors, further information can be dynamically incorporated from external applications such as ERP, CRM or content management systems. The integration of external e-commerce billing systems forms the base for an extended value chain up to and including v-commerce. The output of information can also be steered openly and flexibly via multimedia channels. In addition to speech, SMS, MMS, fax or emails can also be included in the flow of dialog. Corresponding to the roles involved in the entire design and development process, VoiceObjects Desktop consists of the three areas for administrators, dialog designers and callers. A special feature of the entire architecture with the "look and feel" of a client/server application is the completely browser-based user interface. In addition, the central access to the entire workflow and the life-cycle management boosts two salient aspects in company-wide implementation: cost reduction and increase in efficiency for modern telephony applications.
VoiceObjects and IBM Partner
GERMANY - Integration with the WebSphere platform of IBM was effected simultaneously with the presentation of VoiceObjects Factory 1.0. Close cooperation in the future of commercial voice solutions was announced by VoiceObjects AG and IBM. "This cooperation runs for the entire life cycle of the projects, i.e. far beyond voice technology itself", explains Duncan Ross, IBM European Business Manager for Voice Systems. The package consisting of VoiceXML, VoiceObjects Factory 1.0 and the IBM WebSphere Voice Middleware provides broad access to information and also enables direct transactions. "Open standards and the flexible build-up of and extension to voice applications following the Lego principle guarantees users complete investment security", emphasises Karl-Heinz Land, CEO of the Cologne-based VoiceObjects AG. "The consequence is inevitable, the extension of e-business to include the voice interface is just as important as mobile interaction," is Duncan Ross' view. "The convergence of automated services via voice or web already enables value-added services, customer retention and an increase in efficiency." The integration of VoiceObjects Factory into the IBM WebSphere platform is the first step towards the joint development of preconfigured voice solutions. This development is taking place at the VoiceObjects AG location in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne.
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