Clarity Partners With Innovision Design

TROY, MI - Clarity LLC, a signal processing software company in Troy, Mich., announced its strategic marketing partnership with Texas-based engineering services company Innovision Design Inc. The two companies have teamed up to provide design-stage assistance to companies deploying voice-based projects to accelerate products time to market, with high performance, increased adoption and retention, as well as time to profitability. Clarity president and CEO Raymond Gunn said, "Clarity has known the principals at Innovision Design for several years and they have come together to target the voice-based market in specialized fashion. Clarity is in a leadership position with its award winning CVC technology to work with Innovision and create novel and proprietary solutions for customers at the front-end of their projects." "We listen to the voice of Clarity's customers and they frequently speak of the need to accelerate time to market, which translates into project success and company profitability. Clarity and Innovision have a keen knowledge of the customer's requirements and together can deliver on these promises," said Gunn. "Innovision Design has brought together some of the world's leading experts in project identification, qualification, definition, risk identification and design development through completion. Innovision Design sees voice-based applications proliferating and with more than 264 combined years developing consumer electronics products, Innovision has watched the development of Clarity and its CVC technology with keen interest," said Jose Carrasquillo, vice president, business development, Innovision Design. "Innovision believes it is uniquely suited to leverage the strengths of CVC technology in several large markets. Together, Clarity and Innovision can satisfy customers demanding specifications for improved command and control requirements, and improved voice quality at the design level. Innovision is excited to partner with Clarity and by the high growth opportunity the partnership presents."
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