NMS Communications and ICR Group Increase Call Center Efficiency

FRAMINGHAM, MA - NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS), a supplier of technology for tomorrow's networks, and ICR Group, the provider of innovative business solutions, have forged a relationship to assist the delivery of ICR Group's new generation of automated customer interaction solutions, PCid. Under the new agreement ICR Group will include NMS Communications' Alliance Generation (AG) 4000 platforms in its PCid hosted application. United Utilities is one of the first companies to place an order for PCid. Proof of concept trials have been conducted with a number of other enterprises including a UK bank. During the Digital TV Request Line trial of one of the UK's cable providers recently trialed a Digital TV Request Line service. In the first two months of the trial, 20,000 calls were processed, but, because of the efficiencies provided by the ICR solution, only one person spending just one hour a week was needed to handle calls that had not been automatically processed by the system. PCid is a speech application that uses technology rather than agents to provide accurate identification of a caller, their residential postal address, and access to a wide range of additional critical business information. PCid allows companies to handle a large number of calls without needing significant numbers of agents and collates relevant information from up to 19 data sources leading to more productive and effective business operations. "We have chosen to work with NMS Communications as we feel that its technology supports our application in a way that other players in the telephony board market aren't able to. To coin a phrase, "NMS Communications does exactly what it says on the tin," said Jonathan Smith, managing director of ICR Group. "We had a very positive experience with the company in the past, and we have continued to be very impressed with both the reliability of the platform and the exceptional level of technical support that we have received. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with NMS Communications in the future and are aiming for bigger, better and more!" "We are thrilled to be working with ICR Group. This strategic alliance is already giving scalable benefits to organizations of all sizes in the UK market and has the potential to be rolled out on a worldwide basis," said Gerrold Walker, vice president and general manager, NMS' Platform Solutions business. "PCid is a very exciting technology which will allow companies to take CRM from boardroom buzzword to a genuine business opportunity - enabling companies to provide real customer services benefits at the same time as increasing potential agent-based sales."
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