Comverse Unveils InSight Environment

WOODBURY, NY - Comverse, a unit of Comverse Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT), and the supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communications services, announced the availability of InSight, its new open, value-added services environment for Total Communication and infotainment Services. InSight is available to new customers as a complete solution for providing next-generation services, and to current Comverse customers as an incremental, evolutionary upgrade that leverages and enhances their existing investment. InSight delivers new, next-generation communication services that integrate voice and data technologies. Its modular standards-based architecture enables the rollout of new applications and personalized content services developed by both Comverse and other next-generation developers. InSight will offer a multimodal interface, providing subscribers with more services and creating a cohesive user experience that is designed to increase uptake and usage. InSight will integrate disparate messaging and communication platforms including voicemail, email, instant communications and multimedia messaging into a single architecture, which can greatly reduce service and other costs. The modular architecture enables core components such as the multimedia message storage, address book, media and presence servers and subscriber profile database to serve multiple applications. Service Providers will have the flexibility to incrementally integrate these components according to their specific needs. System consolidation, footprint reduction and centralized management are designed to further reduce both operational and capital expenses. Full VoIP (SIP) capabilities and support for centralized, hub-edge and fully distributed system topologies will give InSight the flexibility to integrate into a variety of network architectures, offering an attractive cost-of-ownership for each. New InSight next-generation services will integrate the capabilities of newly deployed advanced networks, increasingly smart handsets and open operating systems. This enables pioneering new services and enhancements to services, such as voicemail, and introduces an inviting visual interface and new functionalities. InSight provides service providers with a way to differentiate their network offerings, further positioning them as leaders and attracting important early adopter and high-end user segments. Enhanced Voicemail is the first of many next-generation services available on InSight. Specific services include: *Visual Voicemail - Visual user interface lets subscribers easily listen to and manage messages in any chosen order. Includes single-keypress "reply" and "forward" messaging functions. *Record and Send - Users send voice messages directly to individuals or groups without making the phone ring. *Voicemail Infotainment - Users receive their choice of infotainment, promotional and community-related content directly to their mailbox. Future VoiceXML support will enable users to easily connect to virtually any Internet-based content service or application using spoken commands. Next-generation voicemail services have the potential to be a major driver of usage and revenues on next-generation networks, letting service providers capitalize on the popularity and familiarity of current voicemail offerings. "Comverse is proud to offer more than 400 wireless and wireline customers with an evolutionary upgrade path to next-generation services by offering a rich portfolio of advanced applications that have the potential to drive voice and data revenues far into the future," said Comverse Chief Executive Officer Zeev Bregman. "InSight supports users' Total Communication needs and our vision for a borderless world - where people are free to communicate in the way that is most appropriate and convenient for them, moving seamlessly between services, technologies and interaction modes." "New times call for new solutions. With InSight, Comverse demonstrates the drive and vision that has made it the world leader in messaging solutions and shows that the company will continue to be a driving force in the next-generation services arena," noted Declan Lonergan, Director of Wireless Research and Consulting for EMEA at the Yankee Group. InSight is currently undergoing trials with wireline and wireless service providers in Europe and North America.
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