Ectaco, VoiceMethods Unveil the New Tourist Phrase Bank with Russian and English Speech Recognition

ST.PETERSBURG, NY - Ectaco Inc., a provider in the development and manufacture of pocket electronic dictionaries and linguistic microcomputers has released the Ectaco Partner UT-203 a phrase bank developed on the basis of VoiceMethods speech recognition technologies.

The device contains around 3,000 recognition-ready phrases, present in 15 topics:

  • Everyday Conversation
  • Traveling
  • Local transport
  • Driving
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping
  • Post office
  • Telephone
  • Bank
  • Sightseeing
  • Health
  • Housekeeper
  • Beauty salon
  • Sport These topics describe the most common everyday situations that occur on a trip abroad. The phrases have been thoroughly selected in order to satisfy 80 percent of human communication needs while traveling.

    The user pronounces a phrase in Russian, the device recognizes this phrase, translates it and pronounces the translation in English or German. Accordingly, when an English phrase is pronounced, it is translated into Russian or German. A special multi-function control button allows a rapid navigation between the topics and phrases, and a liquid crystal display shows the recognized and translated phrases.

    "The UT-203 is like its famous predecessor, the UT-103," said David Lubinitsky, CEO of Ectaco. "It is the first and foremost a speech enabled tourist phrasebook, and it is also a full-fledged travel aid with a host of service functions such as an alarm clock, digital recorder and a voice reminder system. The UT-203 is meant for active contemporary people, and I am confident that it will become a worthwhile addition to our product line."

    Anatoly Kissen, president of VoiceMethods, added, "The release of the UT-203 is a substantial step in enhancing the multilingual entry/exit speech recognition based commercial handheld devices. We will continue our efforts to promote practical use of our maturing speaker-independent voice based solutions as well as the usage of Ectaco?s linguistic and phonetic expertise."

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