Screaming Media And BeVocal Make Virgin Mobile USA Services Sing

NEW YORK, NY, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, and WARREN, NJ - Virgin Mobile USA, LLC, announced that it has called on ScreamingMedia (NASDAQ: SCRM) and BeVocal to provide voice-driven entertainment applications for its VirginXtras - an exciting suite of music, fun, groups and entertainment features. New York City-based ScreamingMedia provides information, technology and tools for a range of industries and platforms, while the Mountain View, California-based BeVocal is a voice software company serving the telecom market. Designed to entertain and enthrall both teens and young adults, VirginXtras are a host of features that let Virgin Mobile customers listen to, send and vote on music clips, schedule a celebrity wake-up call or catch up on jokes, rumors and gossip - all through the use of voice commands. "Research shows that young people have an extremely interactive relationship with their cell phones. The youth segments are major consumers of features like changeable ringtones and faceplates, mobile games, text messaging and more," said Daniel H. Schulman, chief executive officer of Virgin Mobile USA. "Pairing one of young people's top activities, talking on the phone, with the right kind of content and features is a powerful combination - but one that just hasn't been delivered by current U.S. cellular options. Thanks to ScreamingMedia and BeVocal, our customers will simply tell the phone what they want, and get instant access to games, music, friends, entertainment - you name it." "Virgin Mobile is pioneering an entirely new class of cellular services designed specifically to appeal to the growing youth market," said David Hood, CEO of BeVocal. "Virgin's style and distinctive brand are sure to be a hit with young adults nationwide - a category that's looking for cellular services that are hip and fun. BeVocal is pleased to be working alongside ScreamingMedia to power this breakthrough offering." "The youth market is a demanding segment," said Steve Spencer, CTO of ScreamingMedia. "Generic, one-size-fits all content offerings just won't fly with this group. Which is why we're excited that Virgin Mobile tapped us to work with BeVocal to deliver a suite of youth-focused services that are unlike anything else currently available in the cellular arena. This kind of customization is what ScreamingMedia is all about."
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