Vocera Communications Unveils Wearable, Instant Voice Communications Application

LA JOLLA, CA - Vocera Communications Inc. announced availability of its new wireless application, the Vocera Communications System, that enables instant voice communication for in-building mobile personnel. The Vocera Communications System provides instant, hands-free, voice-controlled communications within 802.11b networked buildings or campuses. The company is aiming its wireless application at mobile workers who need to frequently communicate with one another to be effective and productive in industries such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing. In fact, there are more than 25 million in-building professionals in the United States working on their feet every day who must constantly interact and communicate with each other in order to do their jobs effectively. The Vocera Communications System consists of Vocera Server Software, residing on a customer premise server, and Vocera Communications Badges, which operate over a wireless LAN (802.11b). The badge - which weighs less than 2 ounces - includes a microphone and speaker, LCD readout to display text messages, and an 802.11b wireless radio. It can be clipped to a shirt pocket or collar, or worn on a lanyard. With voice commands, Vocera instantly connects people. This allows users to make decisions and act quickly anytime, anywhere within a building or campus. And, with its PBX integration option, Vocera also allows users to place and receive phone calls directly to their Vocera badge. "Enterprise environments are looking for applications that leverage their investment in wireless communication technologies and increase employee efficiency," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOmobile. "Vocera's system combines intelligent software and a small, lightweight, wearable badge to create a completely new application for wireless that enables instant voice communications as no other wireless device on the market." By converging three new technologies - wireless LAN, VoIP, and speech recognition - Vocera's system allows in-building mobile workers to communicate efficiently. "Our emphasis from the beginning was to improve communication and increase productivity through a simple, easy-to-operate voice system," said Julie Shimer, CEO of Vocera Communications. "When you wear it, you can communicate hands-free while you continue working." "Vocera, Get Dr. Greene" By pressing a single button on the badge, users can instantly locate and speak with the individuals or groups they need. Simple, natural language commands query the system server for available parties and connect them. Some of the basic calling features include: -- Call by name, "Call Bob Thomas." -- Call by function, "Call a cardiologist." -- Call by specific location, "Locate a clerk in gardening." -- Send a message to a group, "Record a message for shop personnel." -- Screen calls, "Block all calls except Dr. Rob Green." -- Transfer calls, "Transfer call to Dr. Diane Smith." -- Call any telephone number or extension, "Dial extension 4110." For example, after pressing the badge's call button, a nurse can say, "Call Dr. Greene," and the system will immediately open a full-duplex voice channel to Dr. Greene's badge. Or if Dr. Greene is in his office, it will forward the call to his specified office or cellular phone.
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