Knowles Acoustics Expands SMD Product Line - Releases "Zero-Height" SMD Microphone

ITASCA, /> Ill. - Knowles Acoustics releases the "Zero-Height" SiSonic° silicon microphone, based on semiconductor technology, for general commercial purchase.  The surface mount capability of this new addition to the expanding SiSonic° product line, makes it ideally suited for mobile phones and other applications where minimal component height is required on one side of the customer's PCB. 


Designed for space-sensitive applications, the Zero-Height SMD microphone mounts under the pc board, allowing for a tight spacing between the board and the outer housing of the product.  It has a solder connection between the microphone and the customer's PCB to achieve an acoustic seal around the port hole, thus reducing costs and simplifying mechanical and acoustical design.


At 1 kHz, the 1.75 x 6.15 x 3.75-mm omni-directional devices have a nominal sensitivity of -42 dB, an output impedance of less than 100 ohms, and a total harmonic distortion of less than one percent at 100 dB SPL. The zero-height design allows engineers to achieve virtual 'zero additional height' on the topside of their PCB. 


The microphone can be assembled using standard automatic pick-n-place equipment, conform to lead-free requirements, and is compatible with typical industry Pb-free solder profiles (260°C reflow for 30 seconds maximum). This eliminates off-line hand assembly, bulky and expensive connectors, and associated testing and rework issues/costs typical with traditional ECMs. 


SiSonic° is available with a standard supply voltage range of 1.5 to 5V. It has integrated EMI/RFI protection, an important feature for hand-held communication devices.  Another key attribute is the microphone's operating temperature.  Compared to the typical rating of below 85°C for the ECMs, the SiSonic° is rated up to 100°C.

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