Speech Recognition Company Wizzard Software Announces New Contracts

PITTSBURGH, PA - Wizzard Software (OTCBB:WIZD) announces it has been hired by Talk2U Inc., a speech recognition data collection and solution provider, to perform Quality Assurance (QA) testing on a voice data collection for a desktop speech recognition engine manufacturer. Wizzard will provide quality linguistic validation in multiple languages to assure that the voice data collections performed by Talk2U continue to meet the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. "We hired Wizzard Software because of Wizzard's multi-language linguistically experienced speech team. Wizzard's proven expertise in speech products for the desktop, telephony and telematics compliments our expertise in acoustic model collection for speech recognition engine vendors," says Steven Longmire, President of Talk2U, Inc. "The end result in our combined efforts is the best quality models that can be produced for the next generation in car telematic speech recognition applications. Talk2U Inc. looks forward to working with Wizzard on this project and many more to come." Wizzard is also announcing today that the company has secured two additional contracts to perform ongoing QA testing where Wizzard will use its team of consultants to assure its new clients that the speech recognition applications they have designed in-house will effectively perform at the desired level of accuracy to meet their customer's expectations. These separate contracts will continue for several months and provide ongoing revenue for Wizzard. Due to the competitive advantage that speech recognition adds to Wizzard client's products, Wizzard does not disclose the names of its QA customers until their products have been released to the market or the information otherwise becomes publicly known. "With the inclusion of a speech recognition engine in WindowsXP by Microsoft and the extremely high accuracy of IBM's ViaVoice, we are seeing a strong demand for our Quality Assurance consulting services as more companies add speech recognition to their desktop software applications," says Chris Spencer, CEO of Wizzard Software. "As with any new technology, there are many people who learn to use it but few who really understand it well enough to tune it. We expect this segment of our consulting services to be a strong growth area for the next several years as the value proposition of our expert services drastically lowers financial risk for our clients."
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