Speaker Verification for SAS Employees

Scandinavian IT Group and Voice Provider have developed a speech recognition service for internal verification and password handling for SAS, which aims to increase security and at the same time reduce the costs when members of staff have forgotten their passwords.

The employee activates the service by calling and leaving a voice stamp. When an employee has forgotten his/her password he/she calls the service, which automatically identifies the caller through speaker verification. If verification is successful, the system generates a new password to the caller.

"For many companies with a centralized IT employee administration, security and password handling are important issues. We have developed an effective, secure and user friendly service which will increase security and at the same time reduce costs", says Bengt Persson, CEO for Voice Provider.

Scandinavian IT Support Center in Sweden, Norway and Denmark works as a virtual department and handles more than 200,000 IT related support tasks per year for SAS. An extensive activity is password handling when employees of SAS have forgotten their passwords.

"The volume of calls is constantly increasing and a great deal of our workload involves problems with passwords. This was managed manually earlier by personnel who were definitely needed for other more qualified tasks. SAS employees are not always linked to one office or permanent area, but most have access to a telephone. That's why this solution is so suitable. Existing password technology can be retained, but it will be managed automatically", says Tom Christensen, Manager Scandinavian IT Support Center for Scandinavian IT Support Center.

"Speaker verification is more secure than other biometric techniques, and by combining speaker verification with our other offers like booking and payment, we offer unbeatable services", says Ove Lundvall, Manager speech and Contact Center for Scandinavian IT Group.

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