CXM Partners with LumenVox

HOUSTON, Texas and SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Co-nexus, Inc., who develops CXM, integrated Lumenvox's Speech Recognition Engine (SRE) into their production line.

CXM's suite of software consists of four components: Connect, which enables call centers to maintain communication with customers in ways that go beyond voicemail and email; Record, which provides a record of the customer experience; Recall, which allows for the retrieval, review, and distribution of recorded or archived transactions; and Report, an assessment of call transaction details that helps call centers evaluate employee performance, and improve client satisfaction.

LumenVox's SRE is an automated speech recognizer that performs speech recognition on audio data from any audio source. The API speech engine is speaker and hardware independent, which provides speech application developers with a development and runtime engine. The SRE allows for grammar creation, multiple audio formats, and logging for companies to customize any existing application.

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