Voxpilot and UbiCall Partner to Deliver VoiceXML-based Speech Recognition Solutions

CHATILLION, France, and MONS, Belgium - Voxpilot and UbiCall have joined forces to offer a solution to automate companies or government agencies' office-receptions and call centers.

Voxpilot Open Media Platform (OMP) solution is a multi-language VoiceXML platform and has been certified by the VoiceXML Forum. The OMP supports the IETF Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP). This allows third-party media resources such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), speaker identification (SI), speaker verification (SV), and text-to-speech (TTS) engines to be integrated into the platform.

Voxpilot and VoiceXML allow development and deployment of voice applications in a Web-inspired model.

UbiCall Communications is a provider in speech activated automated interactive telephony solutions based on speech recognition, text-to-speech, and dialog processing.

UbiCall Voxplorer Receptionist™ performs the tasks of a human receptionist, transferring the caller to the requested party. UbiCall Voxplorer DialUp™ enables automatic dialing of phone number by saying the associated name or entry, both for internal and external phone calls.

Voxplorer Receptionist™ and Voxplorer DialUp™ are available as a software package running on Voice XML platforms, thus enabling telecom operators to deliver voice-activated dialing on an ASP basis. The products are designed for small enterprises, medium-sized organizations and large corporations in all major European languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The software package can be licensed per line, per call or per user, or leased.

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