Fast-Talk and VorTecs Offer Call Centers Audio Search Capabilities

ATLANTA, Ga. - Fast-Talk, creator of audio searching technology, announced a licensing agreement with VorTecs, a CTI and contact center software product and services company. VorTecs has integrated Fast-Talk's phonetic search engine into its Spot It! and Mine It! software applications. "In a call center environment the dialogue between customer and agent contains a wealth of information that until now could only be accessed through time consuming and laborious processes requiring a manual review of each conversation," said Armistead Whitney, Fast-Talk president and CEO. "Now, with Fast-Talk and the VorTecs application solutions, call center managers are able to monitor, search and retrieve contact center conversations, related audio and traditional data sources very accurately and quickly." VorTecs will market their automated monitoring products, Spot It! and Mine It!, integrating the Fast-Talk search engine, to call centers. The products will programmatically perform functions for script adherence, general and regulatory compliance statements, order validation and third party verifications. Additionally, the offering includes the ability to focus on the calls most important to the contact center combined with the ability to merge CTI event data and traditional data sources with voice, to perform ongoing monitoring functions and repetitive and ad hoc searches for reporting and analysis. "VorTecs has always recognized the value of turning spoken word into data," said Anthony Desjardin, president and chief operating officer of VorTecs. "Our Fast-Talk partnership has helped enable us to turn our vision in to an important and useful tool for contact centers. We are excited to work with Fast-Talk and to offer our customers these innovations. Spot It! and Mine It! are the culmination of many man-years of research and development. During the process we tested a number of alternative speech engines as part of our foundation and determined that Fast-Talk had the best solution for our purposes. We have worked closely with Fast-Talk's engineering staff and as a result, Spot It! and Mine It! offer the ability to tightly integrate to the contact center infrastructure to compliment and enhance the quality monitoring process without disrupting existing implementations."
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