Conversay and Global Keystone Announce Strategic Alliance

REDMOND, WA - Conversay announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Global Keystone, a developer of vertical market software solutions, to jointly develop a PDA/Smart Phone voice-enabled Conversation Forms Automation (CFA) for hands-free use by doctors and nurses. Conversation Forms Automation extends information processing into two-way speech interaction, eliminating paperwork and speeding the flow of information to Hospital Information Systems and personnel. Global Keystone's Health Care Management System utilizes PDA/Smart Phone devices interconnected to a private wireless network and central database servers. The system will allow health care professionals to initiate and review all types of patient information using Conversay speech technology. The patient's records are updated to the database in real time. The solution will reduce the amount of paperwork required for patient care. Conversay's distributed speech recognition (DSR) can fit many mobile devices currently on the market because it has a very small memory footprint and low CPU requirement. "The health care segment is our first priority - and one that will benefit the most from speech technology integration," said Patrick Golden, CEO and founder of Global Keystone. "Our wireless solution, coupled with Conversay's leading edge speech technology will provide health care professionals with a powerful combination - one that is portable, easy to use and instantly provides patient data in a unique visual format," said Golden. The potential impact on IT productivity in the electronic medical records field is significant in terms of cost savings, processing speed and personnel productivity. Conversation Forms Automation allows a doctor or nurse to interact with information systems verbally, while their hands and eyes are free. "Imagine, for example, the timeliness and ease of computer interaction during an examination," said Steve Rondel, CEO and founder of Conversay. "As Conversay continues to expand its vertical market system integrators, Global Keystone is an ideal partner for medical applications. Together with Global Keystone we will select a device and a carrier that will best fulfill the medical vertical market requirements," he adds.
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