Mollen Immunization Deploys Angel.com On-Demand IVR Solution

Mollen Immunization Clinics of North America  SurveyByFone by Angel.com via the salesforce.com AppExchange.

Mollen conducts annual campaigns to ensure that all Americans, even those of limited means, are immunized against influenza, pneumococcal, and tetanus viruses. To reach as many Americans as possible, Mollen employs nurses to provide vaccinations on site at pharmacies, grocery stores, offices, and community centers throughout the United States.

With Angel.com's SurveyByFone application, Mollen's offsite nurses can check in and out of work without needing to be near a computer. And since each nurse is required to take a phone-based daily status survey, Mollen is also able to monitor drug inventory levels and ensure that supply meets demand.

"Managing a large, remote staff and a widespread inventory of drugs is very challenging," said John Roehm, CEO of Mollen Clinics. "SurveyByFone by Angel.com is an ideal solution for Mollen because it provides all the benefits of an internet application without the need to find or use a computer; and its availability via AppExchange allowed for rapid and seamless deployment."

SurveyByFone is one of more than 375 applications now available on the salesforce.com AppExchange, an on-demand directory and sharing service.

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