IBM Releases New Version of ViaVoice for Windows 10

IBM launched its newest voice recognition software for Microsoft Windows: ViaVoice for Windows Release 10 Pro USB Edition. Among its new features: an enhanced speech engine and microphone that can lead to better accuracy. This version also offers greater versatility and convenience - with voice shortcuts that can be used across different applications, as well as transcription support for digital handheld recorders. Based on about four decades of research and development at IBM, this edition, with its 300,000-word vocabulary and backup dictionary, offers a combination of full-featured speech recognition software as well as microphone features. Built on its series of continuous voice recognition products, ViaVoice for Windows Release 10 Pro USB allows users to launch and surf the Internet, access Web pages through voice-activated links, dictate directly into applications including Microsoft Word, and utilize specialized vocabularies, as well as transcribe speech dictated into digital handheld recorders. ViaVoice for Windows Release 10 gives users another way to communicate with computing devices when a keyboard or mouse is not the mode of choice. In addition to the Pro USB edition, ViaVoice Release 10 also offers Advanced, Standard and Personal editions to suit the needs of different types of users and budgets. There is also an upgrade version for current users of ViaVoice for Windows Pro Release 7, 8 and 9 who want to migrate to Pro USB Release 10. ViaVoice is part of IBM's speech technology portfolio. Technology from IBM's ViaVoice family is currently used by companies in areas including telematics, handheld computers and transcription. "This version of ViaVoice offers a newly enhanced speech engine, which can lead to greater accuracy and faster response to voice commands," said Toby Maners, Director, Retail Voice Segment, IBM Pervasive Computing." And, in an increasingly mobile work environment, the option of being able to dictate into a digital handheld recorder and getting that transcribed into text offers users more flexibility and convenience."

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