Glenayre Selects Teltier for Presence and Availability Platform

CLARK, NJ and ATLANTA, GA - Teltier Technologies Inc., a provider of mobile communications solutions, announced that Glenayre (NASDAQ: GEMS), a provider of advanced and next-generation messaging solutions, will broaden its enhanced services offerings by adding Teltier's presence and availability platform and applications to Glenayre's Versera(tm) Solutions. Subscribers will have the ability to better manage their messages by providing real-time information about the location, status and availability of the contacts in their personal address books. Under the terms of the agreement, Glenayre will add Teltier's Vistante(tm), a presence and availability platform, and iConnect, a suite of intelligent mobile communication applications to Glenayre's Versera enhanced messaging, unified communications, voice services and multimedia solutions. Declan Lonergan, the Yankee Group's director of wireless research and consulting for EMEA, said, "Mobile operators are continually seeking solutions that enable them to differentiate their services. Undoubtedly, this new partnership between Teltier and Glenayre enhances each company's product portfolio. These types of presence and availability solutions certainly address the core challenges of communications today and enable mobile operators to provide a more comprehensive service to help them with their primary goals of stimulating voice and data traffic, reducing customer churn and increasing ARPU." Glenayre and Teltier are committed to providing valuable messaging solutions that simplify the business of communications for service providers around the globe. The companies believe that presence and availability management will be a critical component of all future communications networks. While application opportunities for presence and availability technologies will continue to evolve, Glenayre and Teltier's current solutions will enable subscribers to better manage their messages by providing real-time information about the location, status and availability of the contacts in their personal address books. Subscribers will be able to: ·Check availability of colleagues via phone to receive voice calls, text messages;
·Initiate and participate in on-the-fly conference calls;
·Be notified via text alerts when there is a change in person or team's availability and;
·View data about incoming calls (including Caller ID and information about the caller's future availability) to make real-time choices about message management. "Teltier and Glenayre have consistently worked on the same beliefs that mobile users want more control over their communications, and that revenue generation, along with expanding and retaining customer bases, is vital for operators when choosing platforms and solutions," said Sharad Sharma, co-founder and chief executive officer for Teltier. "This venture benefits mobile subscribers and operators equally, and allows Teltier to leverage Glenayre's expertise, which has already established them as the third largest enhanced services provider to mobile operators worldwide." "An increasing amount of subscribers require the ability to make critical decisions while away from their home, office or desk, and service providers have been introducing individual technologies to help their customers better manage these communications needs," agreed Rolf Madson, Sr. Vice President of Products for Glenayre. "By adding Teltier's solutions to Glenayre's Versera Solutions, service providers will be able to offer combined voice and data applications that make it easier for mobile subscribers to connect and stay in touch." Teltier and Glenayre plan to roll out their joint mobile solution for operators and service providers during the second quarter of 2003.
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