Korean-Japanese & Japanese-Korean Language Translator for PDA

SEOUL, KOREA - Korean-Japanese & Japanese-Korean Language Translator for PDA, Pocket TransWiz 2002 was released which adopted TTS, VoiceText by Sysmeta Corp., a natural language processing technology provider. Users can input what to be translated to PDA using Character Recognition Technology that Visionnet Inc. provided, and hear what was translated by TTS for Korean and Japanese that Voiceware Co., Ltd. provided. It is expected to help Korean and Japanese tourists, especially those for 2002 Korea-Japan Worldcup in progress and Busan Asian Game in August. It also could help for Japanese and Korean to learn each other language by hearing the sound. It runs on Win CE 3.0 and needs the 20 MB RAM for translation, 9MB RAM for Character Recognition and 10 MB RAM for TTS.
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