iReminder Releases Compliance for Life

WESTFIELD, N.J. - iReminder, LLC, a healthcare technology company based in Westfield, NJ, launched Compliance for Life, a Web- and phone-based medication reminder system.

Compliance for Life is licensed to disease management firms, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and managed care organizations to integrate into their existing offerings, or as a stand-alone compliance program.

Compliance for Life reminders can be set either by phone (with speech recognition software), or on the Internet and delivered in multiple ways: by phone, email, and text message. A customizable delivery sequence routes reminders through a series of delivery attempts (e.g., call home twice, cell phone three times, and then send an email), until a successful contact is made.

With Compliance for Life, case managers, caregivers, and family members can set up medication reminders for patients, as long as they obtain permission from the patients in advance. Those who set up reminders can request notification of whether or not the reminder was received by the patient, so that they can follow up as needed.

Licensees can elect to include modules that let their customers review regimen instructions, hear reasons for staying on medication, improve symptom awareness, and obtain self-management strategies.

iReminder offers an application service provider (ASP) model.


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