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BUSINESS PROBLEM: It’s difficult to understand exactly what’s on customers’ minds during their contact center interactions. And if a company can’t determine what its customers want, it can’t provide it to them.
TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Call Recording and Analytics
Call recording and analytics solutions offer unparalleled insight into customer interaction. Companies can use that information to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Product: Nuance Care Analytics
Delivery Method: Either hosted or on-premises.
Functionality: Nuance Care Analytics enables organizations to leverage latent information in their contact centers and turn that information to their advantage. It unveils underlying root causes by providing analytics on the end-to-end customer experience, including interactions with self-service, call routing, agent/customer conversations, and post-call feedback surveys. It also includes interpretation of the results, recommended actions, and assistance to customers with implementation and measurement of improvements.
Business Benefits: Nuance Care Analytics enables contact centers to gain valuable insight from recorded customer interactions by organizing customer calls based on caller intent and behavior. It pulls together disparate measurements and aggregates the data within a single view. It can operate continuously on 100 percent of a customer’s data or leverage appropriate snapshots of data for point-in-time analysis.
Contact: Nuance at 1-800-443-7077; www.nuance.com.

Product: Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization
Delivery Method: Installed software.
Functionality: Impact 360 captures information on workforce performance,
customer interactions, customer service processes, and customer loyalty to help contact centers change processes, adjust staffing, and make other decisions that may impact the cost and quality of the customer experience. It combines software and services into a single, unified portfolio that includes recording and speech and data analytics. 
Business Benefits: This powerful, analytics-driven workforce optimization solution combines software and services to help businesses improve everything from customer interactions in the contact center to underlying back-office business processes that impact the customer experience. It provides a level of visibility into processes, performance, and customer intelligence across an enterprise.
Contact: Verint at 1-631-962-9600; www.verint.com.

Product: CallMiner Eureka!
Delivery Method: Installed software.
Functionality: CallMiner Eureka! automatically analyzes 100 percent of every single customer interaction in the contact center, identifies pertinent information from those calls, and organizes the results. It uncovers the content, context, and meaning of recorded conversations, including acoustic and metadata information such as who is talking, when words are said in relation to other words (temporal awareness), silence, tempo (rate of speech, emphasis), and stress.
Business Benefits: By discovering why customers call and how agents respond, CallMiner Eureka! enables organizations to improve customer service, maximize sales, measure marketing effectiveness, and optimize agent performance.
Contact: CallMiner at 1-239-689-6463; www.callminer.com.

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