CosmoCom and CSD Improving Communications for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

CosmoCom's advanced contact center technology has helped CSD to win a number of government contracts to improve telecommunications access for disabled citizens.   

CSD, a private, nonprofit organization, is one of the America's largest providers of communications-related services for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Using the CosmoCall Universe (CCU) virtual contact center platform, CSD recently was awarded a multimillion dollar government grant enabling a nationwide initiative CSD calls “Project Endeavor”. The initiative provides discounted broadband services, premises equipment and technology training to the underserved key population of deaf and hard of hearing people. By placing Public Access Videophones in key locations, deaf and hard of hearing people currently without broadband access will be able to connect with CSD’s contact center at various public facilities to register and qualify for Project Endeavor. In addition the contact center helps consumers learn various ways to benefit from use of the equipment and broadband services in general.

Earlier in the year, the State of California awarded CSD a substantial contract for the statewide Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) that provides specialized telecommunications equipment to deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf–blind, and individuals with speech impairments who face difficulties communicating on the telephone. Consumer requests for equipment are qualified and serviced through CSD’s contact center locations in Stockton, CA and Sioux Falls, SD.

By replacing its legacy analog technology with CCU, CSD is able to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and gains greater flexibility in the types of incoming contacts it can accept along with better reporting capabilities, long distance toll avoidance and intra-company communications. Together, CSD and CosmoCom are truly providing a technology platform that bridges the communication gap across all barriers.

“The expansion of our contact center network enables us to initiate broader marketing and educational initiatives, and respond more efficiently to our customers' needs,” said Ben Soukup, president and CEO of CSD. “The new, high-capacity, state-of-the-art, multi-location contact center enables call support via voice, text, IP, Web-chat, and video. These elements were instrumental in helping us win some big contracts with federal and state government agencies.”

“We’re proud that our contact center technology helps CSD improve accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing,” says Benjamin Eisner, president of CosmoCom, “We look forward to helping them help others long into the future.”

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