Nexidia and Teleopti Partner to Offer Agent Performance Management

Nexidia, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, and Teleopti, a provider of strategic workforce management (WFM) solutions, today announce a partnership to bring agent performance management and WFM solutions to contact centers.

Nexidia's performance measuring applications enhance Teleopti's skills-based contact center agent forecasting and scheduling, while Teleopti's schedule adherence metrics drive greater performance management with Nexidia Evaluate.

Contact center managers use Nexidia's Evaluate application to constantly update and change the performance metrics they want to measure on an agent-by-agent basis. Nexidia's patented phonetic search technology makes it possible to replace old, static quality monitoring scorecards with dynamically changing performance measures that are more aligned with the needs of an ever-changing business. These agile performance measures integrate with Teleopti's WFM solution, Teleopti CCC, to improve agent forecasting by enabling skills-based scheduling, ensuring that agents who have the correct skills and expert knowledge to resolve specific customer inquiries are available during peak call times.

In addition to scheduling, Teleopti's solution tracks each individual agent's schedule, minute by minute, to ensure schedule adherence, a key metric of agent performance. This data integrates with Nexidia Evaluate as an additional component to assess agent performance against strategic corporate goals, ensuring that agent and team performance is measured on activities that increase a company's profitability.

"By combining Nexidia's sophisticated speech analytics capabilities with Teleopti's workforce management solutions, our clients discover the necessary information needed to improve interactions between agents and customers," said Magnus Geverts, president of Teleopti. "As customer satisfaction increases, businesses will in turn experience a better return on investment."

"Legacy quality monitoring and workforce scheduling systems are too proprietary and static for businesses that must be nimble," said Jon Ezrine, Nexidia's senior vice president and chief operating officer. "Contact centers need the agility and open access that best-of-breed solutions can provide in order to quickly unlock the information contained in customer interactions, so they can drive agent performance improvements and ensure a greater customer experience."

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