CallMiner Launches Eureka 8 with a Fully Automated Quality Solution

CallMiner, a provider of speech analytics, today launched CallMiner Eureka 8 with a major new capability for automatic quality monitoring called AutoQM.

Eureka AutoQM allows 100 percent of contacts through any channel to be monitored automatically and immediately; compares agent and customer behaviors against standard assessment categories, and proactively elevates any activity of special concern.

CallMiner Eureka presents the findings of AutoQM through dashboards and scorecards facilitating Quality Management's review of individual developmental needs, and providing an effective framework for agent performance coaching and process improvement.

CallMiner's president and CEO, Terry Leahy, said, "Eureka 8's new AutoQM solution has been built from customer experience and is creating strong success stories in client organizations.We have focused our product development efforts on automatically producing insight from the results that are created in the text and speech analytics process. Customers want the application to automatically deliver intelligence, and in Eureka 8, we have accomplished that goal. Eureka scores 100 percent of customer contacts across call and text communication channels (e.g., live chat) to provide a full 360 evaluation of agents against targeted criteria; whether the agent is in customer service, sales or collections."

CallMiner Eureka's Score Builder allows quality departments to interactively create, modify, and target scores to any set of contacts and for any set of competencies based on language spoken/written, acoustics such as silence or hold time, or quality metrics such as compliance, emotion, empathy, politeness, customer satisfaction, and agent ownership.

CallMiner Eureka's Agent Explorer allows for easy visual analysis and comparison of groups and agents to identify performance and competencies requiring coaching.

Automatically generated scorecards allow for the targeted evaluation of a single person or a group, across one or more scores, with the ability to compare to a peer group and to monitor trends in performance.

With CallMiner's cloud delivery partners, CallMiner offers the enterprise the opportunity to buy products and solutions as a service, provisioning delivery across multiple locations, insourced and outsourced.

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