Voisso Service Stores Voicemail in the Cloud

A new service for voicemail storage in the cloud launched this week. Called Voisso.com, the service lets users share and store voicemail or voice memos to the cloud. Upload voicemails or voice memos from any cell phone and those messages can be easily accessed anywhere and shared with anyone. Users only need to create a free Voisso.com account to get started.

"Voisso.com is the perfect solution for storing copies of important voice messages or voice memos. Keeping a single copy of important messages on a portable device is risky. Without Voisso.com, you’re only one misplaced phone or mistyped key from losing those messages forever,” said Sander Lee, a spokesperson for Voisso.com.

To get started, users create an account with a distinct user ID. That ID becomes a Voisso.com email address. Email voicemails and voice memos as attachments to YourID(at)Voisso(dot)com. The site converts the audio files to standard .mp3 files, which users can download from their own customized Voisso.com page – http://www.voisso.com/YourID. Users can also listen to the messages through Voisso.com’s audio player. The player page has a comment function so users can save comments on their own or other users' messages.

For added security, Voisso.com servers reject any email messages that don't contain audio attachments. "This is intended to protect Voisso.com accounts for viruses or SPAM messages,"  Lee said.

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