Nexidia Rolls Out Upgraded Version of Capture

Nexidia announced the latest version of Nexidia Capture, the next generation of its call recording product. Capture now integrates into both traditional  and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based networks and allows users to implement interaction analytics on a broad scale.

For companies seeking to record agent desktop activity, screen capture is an optional feature, giving contact center managers access to synchronized audio and screen recordings of interactions between agents and customers. Capture, when implemented with the agent evaluation forms and dashboard monitoring of Nexidia Interaction Analytics, provides a full-featured recording and quality management solution. When combined with Interaction Analytics, pricing for Capture starts at $60 per channel per year, or, for perpetual licenses, $100 per channel.

Capture's method of storing recordings with industry standard encryption formats ensures not only reduced costs, but open, yet secure access to recordings, says the company. Capture records customer conversations in a VoIP environment without the need for specialized recording boards and servers, allowing customers to use their own standard hardware or virtual machines. For companies who have not yet migrated to IP telephony, Capture also records calls from many common phone switches by tapping phone trunk lines.

"We believe that analytics should drive audio recording, not the other way around," said Jon Ezrine, Nexidia's senior vice president and COO. "Our clients now have an alternative when they find that working with their existing, outdated recorder is too difficult and too expensive. With Nexidia, companies can record 100 percent of their calls. And when Capture is combined with Nexidia Interaction Analytics, companies have a robust solution for both quality and performance."

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