NeoSpeech Releases New Text-to-Speech App

NeoSpeech, a text-to-speech (TTS) software and speech-enabled solutions provider, has released a new NeoSpeech iPhone Text-to-Speech App series. The new app, NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech, makes text audible to everyone and allows for access to online content, ebooks, and more.

NeoSpeech previously offered three popular free apps, NeoKate, NeoPaul, and NeoJulie, via the App Store and has built on that foundation to add the following features:

  • Copy and paste with from Web browsers, email, or chat applications.
  • Choose from multiple languages and genders.
  • VoiceText technology provides a natural and human-like text-to-speech voice.
  • Unlimited number of text files can be saved for later use.
  • No Internet connection required; no buffering or disconnection.

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech Apps offer 14 male and female voices in seven languages (U.S. and U.K. English, Canadian French, U.S. Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. In February it released Francisco, a Mexican Spanish TTS voice.

In addition, NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech App is compatible with any device running Apple's iOS 7 or later.

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