BigHand Rolls Out Advanced Multilingual Speech Recognition Support

BigHand, a provider of voice productivity solutions, has launched a major enhancement to its server-side speech recognition module that allows professionals to work in more than one language seamlessly while continuing to improve their individual accuracy. BigHand's new audio codec Opus also improves speech-to-text accuracy via remote devices, while offering optimized audio resampling for smartphones.

BigHand speech recognition, powered by the Dragon SDK Server from Nuance Communications, now supports multiple concurrent languages—Dutch, English, French, and German. Compared to other out-of-the-box desktop speech recognition solutions, BigHand software is compatible with all the major smartphone platforms and is also compatible with terminal services and Citrix. The software can be seamlessly upgraded when required so professionals can always take advantage of the latest improvements in speech recognition technology. If required, the BigHand server-side system can be integrated into document management systems when developed with the BigHand SDK.

BigHand speech recognition includes:

Multiple languages. BigHand speech recognition now offers multilingual speech recognition support in Dutch, English, French, and German, which enables users to switch between multiple speech recognition language profiles. The software assists authors and assistants with spelling and grammar in non-native languages.

Individual profiles. BigHand's Speech Recognition software will improve the accuracy of the individual profile while using the system. The profile, which will be built from the ground up, will recognize the author's voice and frequently used words and sentences.

Workflow. When using speech recognition in combination with the BigHand workflow, the role of support staff will change so secretaries and assistants will have more time to liaise with clients and assist with more value-add tasks. This results in reduced production costs, as well as increased productivity and efficiency.

Mobility. BigHand has optimized audio resampling for smartphone devices and a new audio-codec Opus that improves remote device accuracy. In conjunction with the mobility module, BigHand speech recognition can be used while away from the office, meaning that work can be completed on the spot, thereby greatly reducing turnaround time.

Out-of-hours transcription support. Speech recognition can be very useful for authors who require ad-hoc transcription support on evenings or weekends. The server can return first-draft documents to authors whenever and wherever they choose to work.

Security. With BigHand speech recognition, dictations are processed and stored in a secure encrypted environment. Many of the other voice-to-text platforms cannot provide this security.

"Multilingual language support has been developed directly from feedback from our legal customers in Europe, whose lawyers work on a pan-European basis in multiple languages,"said Dan Speed, managing director, Europe, in a statement. "Likewise, following feedback from our users about smartphone and speech recognition usage, our new Opus codec for remote devices and the audio optimizations for smartphones enable better speech-to-text recognition when professionals are mobile working."

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