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IBM and NewportWorks Launch Speech-enabled Real Estate Solution

Recently IBM and NewportWorks launched a speech-enabled solution intended to help increase the productivity of real estate agents in the field. In a Q&A with the editors of Speech Technology Magazine, Ken Stockman, CEO, NewportWorks, and Sunil Soares, director of product management, IBM Pervasive Computing, speak in detail about this solution and give us insight into the need for such a service.

From E-Commerce to V-Commerce: The Voice Portal Revolution

Speech-enabled Internet portals, or voice portals, are the next logical evolutionary step in the convergence of computer telephony and the Internet.

Software-Only Vs. Embedded: Which Architecture Is Best For You?

Speech technologies have become an essential element in successful state-of-the-art computer telephony (CT) applications. The integration of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) in applications greatly increases the effectiveness of interactive voice response CT for a wide range of uses.

First Full Featured Continuous Speech Office Suite Launched

Applied Voice Recognition Inc., (AVRI) recently launched their VoiceCommander-ProTM software, the first full featured office suite integrated with IBM ViaVoice which combines continuous speech dictation capabilities with voice command and control functionality.