First Full Featured Continuous Speech Office Suite Launched

Applied Voice Recognition Inc., (AVRI) recently launched their VoiceCommander-ProTM software, the first full featured office suite integrated with IBM ViaVoice which combines continuous speech dictation capabilities with voice command and control functionality. The VoiceCommanderPro provides office workers with complete mouse, keyboard, and hands free command of their PCs, and is fully compatible with both Microsoft Windows and NT operating systems. With VoiceCommander, users may dictate at a natural conversational pace in MS-Word and Novell's WordPerfect with accuracy as high as 95% and at speeds up to 200 words per minute. The VoiceCommander is also integrated with the popular contact managers ACT and Goldmine. "The release of VoiceCommander Pro, combined with our recently funded $5 million private offering, propels AVRI toward our goal of becoming a premier voice recognition application development company," said Tim Connolly, AVRI's chief executive officer, at a launch announcement in Houston recently. Houston Rocket basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon, who uses and endorses the product, also attended the launch announcement and said he found the product made it easy for him to use the computer. IBM Speech Systems General Manager William S. (Ozzie) Osborne participated in the product launch and told the audience "IBM is pleased to support the market launch of VoiceCommander Pro. We believe AVRI is one of the premier application developers in this industry. They have worked closely with IBM's labs and have clearly demonstrated their skills in the development of this product." Connolly also announced at the launch that AVRI has recently finalized a purchase order with Wade Cook Financial of Seattle, Washington to provide 10,000 customized continuous speech versions of VoiceCommander Pro. Wade Cook plans to privately label the product for re-sale through Wade Cook's investment seminars and on radio shows aired in over 100 markets throughout the United States. The Voice Commander will allow users to dictate letters and memos, send faxes, dial the telephone, work with e-mail and "surf" the Internet by voice. Users can transcribe and edit documents, speak words and commands naturally without artificial pauses, use command and control functions for easy navigation and use a built in vocabulary of 22,000 words or add their own. The expandable vocabulary can go up to 64,000 words. The benefits to the user outlined by AVRI are immediate turnaround on documents, eliminating overtime and outsourcing expenses, reduction the time required for paperwork, increasing office productivity, gaining the freedom to handle correspondence yourself, responding to customers and prospects immediately and cutting computer training times.
For more information, contact AVRI at 4615 Post Oak Place, Suite 111, Houston, TX 77027; by phone at 713 621-5678 or on the web at http://www.voicecommander.com.
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