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John Oberteuffer

John Oberteuffer is the Chairman, Advisory Committee at Fonix Corporation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of AVIOS. He was the founder and editor of the speech industry newsletter ASRNews. He received his Ph.D. in physics form Northwestern University in 1969.

Articles by John Oberteuffer

A New Read on Digital Talking Books

Speech technologies and new XML standards enhance access to educational texts.

Encouraging Good VUI Design

New Directions at AVIOS

AVIOS (the Applied Voice Input/Output Society) has recently taken two important new initiatives which we believe will strengthen AVIOS' support for the speech technology industry.

Despite Great Progress, Engine and Interface Challenges Remain

Speech-to-Text (STT), the automatic creation of text by voice, has always been the flagship of automatic speech recognition (ASR) applications. Converting any string of spoken words to readable text holds out the promise of eliminating the tedium of typing or the cost and delay of human transcription. In order to fulfill this promise automatic speech recognition for transcription should be as easy and casual as asking your assistant to take some notes. The idea is to just add a microphone to a PC and begin speaking.