Biographical Information

Scott McGlashan

Distinguished Technologist - Hewlett Packard

46 8 524 95683

Over the past 15 years, Scott has pioneered key developments in advanced user interface technologies, including speech, web, multimodal and mobile applications. Scott is co-chair of the W3C Voice Browser Working Group, responsible for VoiceXML, CCXML and SCXML standards amongst others.

Articles by Scott McGlashan

Video Interactive Services with VoiceXML

According to Dave Burke, CTO of VoxPilot, and Scott McGlashan, CTO of Hewlett-Packard's OpenCall Media Platform, "Self-service interaction is evolving from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)."

Beyond XML 2.0

The W3C Voice Browser Working Group reviewed more than 700 requests for change to VoiceXML 1.0. After careful deliberation, many of these were adopted, resulting in VoiceXML 2.0 which became a recommendation in March 2004. The VBWG is now working on two efforts to make VoiceXML even better.

IBM’s New Toolkit Connects with a Family of Developers

The goal of speaking to your computer, and having it do what you say, has been a goal of IBM’s speech recognition research team for over 25 years.