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Summer 2020

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Teaching with Speech

Voice technology has infiltrated the learning environment, improving schools for students and educators alike

As Speech Translation Advances, Barriers Continue to Fall

Technology improvements have pushed speech translation out to a smaller world

Companies Turn to IVAs to Deal with COVID Surges

Automated voice solutions have helped contact centers handle rising interaction volume during the pandemic


The Business Case

IVAs: Using AI to Serve Customers and Contact Centers

True omnichannel customer service is becoming closer to reality

Forward Thinking

How Can Speech Technology Help?

Looking at all the ways speech recognition can step up amid the pandemic


Mitigating Bias in Speech Recognition Systems

The fault, dear Siri, is not in our voices, but in our choices

A View from AVIOS

Speech Technology Is Not Yet Conversational Technology

The industry still lacks tools to support true conversation

Voice Value

Automated Solutions Have Become Work-from-Home Agents, Too

Adoption and interest in AI-infused capabilities got better because things got worse


A New Approach to Conversational AI Uses Symbolic Neural Networks

A joint venture between IBM and MIT relies on machine vision in combination with a broad AI that can multitask and cover multiple domains, but which also can read structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources

Overheard/Underheard: A New Collar Gives Dogs a Voice

An AI-powered dog collar uses voice recognition technology to detect and analyze five emotional states—happy, anxious, angry, sad, or relaxed—in dogs and tracks their physical activity.

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