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July/August 2009

Magazine Features

Remember Me?

IVRs can—or at least should—develop memories when it comes to past and present interactions.

Speech in Need of a Bailout?

Problems persist with speech automation, but banks are looking at expanding its use anyway.

The Quest for the Gold Foil Stamp

Patents: the ever-changing pitfalls, dangers, and opportunities of intellectual property.


Gaining Insight over a Global Network

Speech analytics helps EarthLink better manage outsourced operations.

Speech Takes Airline to New Heights

By providing a voice-powered virtual assistant on its Web site, Alaska Airlines improves customer self-service.

Voice Picking Delivers for Coca-Cola Enterprises

Datria solution enables distributor to avoid $2 million in costs


Editor's Letter

Taking Measured Steps

Forward Thinking

You Be the Judge

New sessions at SpeechTEK will offer hands-on training.

Industry View

Thinking Backward and Thinking Ahead

Sci-fi paves the way for further TTS exploration

Inside Outsourcing

Make Your IVR a Disaster Recovery Star

Or at least consider outsourcing this function to an IVR provider.


Goldilocks and the Three IVRs

Usage data comes in three sizes: too little, too much, and [rarely] just right.

Voice Value

Speech in a Virtual World

Disabled users gain control of the in-world life.


Standards Make the World Smaller

As standards advance, things just work together better.

Speech Solutions

Testing and Tuning Solutions


Avaya Takes a Fresh Look at the Midmarket

Industry pundits say the latest initiatives will help the company play catch-up.

IVR Market Expected to Continue Growing Through 2011

While IVR and voice portals have a bright future, VoIP sees a slowdown.

Mobile Speech Set to Grow During the Next Five Years

Datamonitor predicts a positive outlook for speech in the mobile space.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Swine Flu Outbreak Increases Schools' Use of Speech

Schools across the country have turned to voice broadcasting to reassure parents and address concerns.

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