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November/December 2010

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Avatars Meet the Challenge

A SpeechTEK Europe session showed the appeal of the technology.

Now That's Entertainment

Speech is helping the entertainment industry rebound from the bad economy.

Saving Costs Vs. Saving the Customer

Companies need to balance cost savings with customer service when determining the success of a speech system.

The Gift of Speech

Just in time for the holidays, consumer devices and applications are finding business uses.


In Their Own Voices

Hope Technology School gives autistic students a new way to be heard.

VoIP and Voicemail-to-Text Make a Better Network

A broadband voice and data provider sees improved customer service with solutions from Junction Networks and PhoneTag.


Editor's Letter

Speech: The New Must-Have Solution

The Business Case

Let's Make a Deal

A transitioning IVR market gives buyers negotiating power.

Forward Thinking

Speech in My Pocket

With the smartphone's growing popularity comes a slew of new speech apps.

Inside Outsourcing

Why Reject the Premise of Hosted IVR Benefits?

The capital benefits will help sell the idea to the CFO.


Empathy, Dollars, and Sense

It's not enough to simply say you understand the customer.

A View from AVIOS

The Next Big Thing

We're crossing the chasm and taking speech along.

Voice Value

A Matter of Time

Has two years improved voice verification growth?

Speech Solutions

A VoIP Softphone


Nuance Has a Dragon for Every Need

New releases of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software cover the legal, medical, and Mac user communities.

Speech in the Car Continues to Move

GM and Ford come out with new in-car infotainment systems that expand the use of speech and what users can do with it.

Standards Hit Speech on the Web and Voice Biometrics

ANSI and W3C capped a busy summer with the release of new recommendations that provide more global reach.

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