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November/December 2011

Magazine Features

Can Voice Biometrics Hack Computer Security?

Speech technology can protect customer data against small-scale attacks.

Tips for a Successful Voice Biometrics Deployment

From vendor selection to customer outreach, organizations must prepare for the various implementation stages.

Voice User Interface Designers Learn to Cope with Rejection

Communication is the key to addressing issues when the design doesn't mesh with the customer's objectives


Call Recording Resolves Disputes at Medical Practice

Oaisys Talkument and Tracer help North Scottsdale Family Medicine avert malpractice suits.

IVR Investment Pays Off for Bank

Australia's Westpac overcomes service issues with a more automated platform.


Editor's Letter

Lead or Be Led

The Business Case

Unified Communications Is in Your Future

Benefits include collaboration and ease of mobile device use.

Forward Thinking

IVR Has a Black Eye

Stop using frugal policies and start satisfying customers.

Inside Outsourcing

Are There 31 Outsourcing Flavors?

IVR system decision makers weigh factors across customer entry points.


Where's My Flight?

Studying use cases and context helps to improve self-service.

A View from AVIOS

Oh the Places You'll Go

Speech complements fusion, multimodality, and personalization.

Voice Value

IVR Relinquishes the Gatekeeper Role

One company blends human interaction with speech self-service.


Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Mobile Capabilities for Genesys

One piece of Alcatel-Lucent's Enterprise Business Unit, Genesys Telecommunications Labs, received the equivalent of a corporate makeover that places it at the forefront of the mobile revolution.

Market Spotlight: Retail

NFC as a talking shopping aid.

Nuance and Vlingo Battle in Court

A federal jury in Boston in early August settled one patent case leveled against Vlingo by Nuance Communications, but the legal battles between the two rival Massachusetts speech companies are far from over.

Speech Is a Key Component of iPhone 4S

Apple, on October 4, unveiled its iPhone 4S, packed with a host of speech capabilities, including an intelligent assistant that helps users get things done simply by asking.

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