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January/February 2012

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Are Speech Vendors About to Do the Mash?

This new technique promises significantly faster application development.

Can Mobile and IVR Coexist?

Customer interaction technologies should support one another, not compete.


A Matter of Convenience

A c-store distributor realizes double-digit gains with a voice-driven warehouse application.

IVR Identifies At-Risk Students

Vocantas IVR helps Avila University reach out to students in danger of transferring or dropping out.


Editor's Letter

Put Customers First When Designing Mobile Apps

Don't ignore your customers or they'll ignore you.

Forward Thinking

Busting the Myth of Identity Theft

How safe is safe enough?

In Other Words

Speech-to-Text Gives Higher Education a Global Boost

New technology makes the world a little smaller.

Inside Outsourcing

Put Speech Recognition in Its Place

Look at this technology as a friendly front-end tool.


A Change Is Gonna Come

Steps for making sure it's the change you need

Voice Value

The High Cost of Technology

It's hard to argue against progress, but it has its downside, too.


Speaking to Web Pages

New speech integration ideas show promise for 2012.


HP Marries Vertica and Autonomy

New solutions will aid companies in analyzing information from multiple sources.

New Players Join the Speech Industry

Powerful new players are piquing the interest of analysts.

New Speech Solutions Treat Smaller Practices

New tools ease small healthcare providers' transition to electronic health records.

Strong Growth Projected for IVR Market

A new report says the global market could reach $2.78 billion by 2017.

Voice Rec Is a Pain Point with Vehicle Navigation Systems

Voice recognition is one of the key areas affecting customer satisfaction with in-car navigation systems.

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