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Summer 2015 Issue

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Natural Language Processing Strives to Meet Star Trek Standard

Systems are not yet fully conversational, but they're on their way

Time Is on Your Side: Wearables Spell Opportunity for Speech Interface Designers

Smart watches are coming of age, thanks to improved user interfaces—both graphical and voice—for the consumer and business user. If you're a developer, now is the perfect time to flex your skills.

Whose IVR Design Is It Anyway?

When it comes to IVR projects, bringing stakeholders together can seem more daunting than the actual assignment. Here's how to get everyone to play nicely and achieve results that the client will love.


Rx Outreach Finds VoltDelta Is the Cure for Its IVR Blues

The nonprofit prescription provider finds relief with improved speech recognition and better outbound capabilities

Speech Technology Speeds Police Response

Philips's dictation and transcription technology helps a Minnesota police force increase efficiency and reduce costs


Editor's Letter

Why Speech Technology Is Essential for the Internet of Things

Forward Thinking

Role-Play Apps Star in New Technologies

It's time to leverage developers' know-how to improve lives

In Other Words

Speech Industry Sets a Precedent for the Deaf-Blind Community

Technology is working to replace what the human ear and eye have lost

Inside Outsourcing

In User Interfaces, Color and Tone Matter

Don't underestimate customers' reactions to 'trivial' variations


Car Interfaces Are in Desperate Need of Attention

Thinking like a tech company is the key to getting it right

Voice Value

Technical Support, Speech Technologies, and the Internet of Things

The emerging SIO category offers a balance of assistance for agents and users


Talking to Everything: User Interfaces for the Internet of Things

Communication between objects is only the beginning


Domain-Squatting Scheme Exploits TTS

IBM Opens Speech and Cognitive Computing APIs to Watson

Market Spotlight: Voice Moves Up to the Cloud and Down Market

Overheard, Underheard: TalkRocket Pro Lets a User's Location Do the Talking

Verint’s Speaker Separation and Automated Theme Discovery Buoys Speech Analytics

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